About Us

Ebiz Connect Solutions was founded by Gerald Njuguna, a person with over 10 years internet marketing experience.

Prior to starting his company Gerald worked with a tour company for 6 years where he horned his skill in the digital marketing world. He helped the company he was employed in to skyrocket their business through his nline marketing efforts that yielded good financial returns for the organization.

Because of increased business, the company was forced to move from a rental apartment that was being used as an office to a proper office in the city (with staff being added to the company).

In 2009 he resigned to start his own company, Ebiz Connect Solutions that offered web design and internet marketing solutions. Ebiz Connects owns a portfolio of websites that generate revenue for the company.

Internet Marketing Services We Offer


We ensure your website structure and content is set up correctly so that its properly found at the most critical points in the searching process of your clients. We advice on matters such as setting up correct the website meta tags for your site pages, setting up links that are search engine friendly plus other aspect of website optimization


We create paid ads that are displayed to people who are looking for your exact services or products thereby increasing sales and profits for your company.


We help your company target and connect with specific targeted audiences through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We also advice you on how to effectively run promotional campaigns to help increase sales and brand awareness through social media.


This is one of the most critical aspects of marketing your website. We create compelling and interesting content for your site and market it by reaching out to authority websites that are relevant to your industry that would be interested in linking back to the content.

This boosts your rankings in the search engines.